Side A : Kalooky

Side B : Campus N8

Italian band I Bisacquei came from Trieste and recorded a few singles at the Regson Studios in Milan, they had consequent touring experience as they played in most important hotels over the world. 'Kalooky' was originally released on the Italian Yank label in 1969 coupled with the Deep Purple tune "One More Rainy Day" and produced by Aldo Pagani. Compiled a few times but never actually reissued on a proper 45, 'Kalooky' has that peculiar euro funk sound dug by many vinyl fanatics and for a good reason. Fat drums and bass, the bleepy organ gets mental, as a simple acoustic guitar marks the rhythm, awesome!

Les Requins was a French backing/studio band who teamed with organist Luc Harvet and released a few singles on the Orly and Vega (as the Sharks) labels in the late 60's - early 70's in France, their sound is intrumental with an easy library feel. 'Campus N8' is featured on their rarest single with 'Carnaby Street' on the flip ; both tracks were composed by Alan Budge (?) and released on Orly in 1973. Organ, flute, acid guitar, horns and breakbeat drums are all well up in the mix turning a standard recipe into an instrumental monster, 2'40 minutes of solid French groove.

So you have it, another unmissable and totally cult record!

Pictures of Les Requins courtesy of Jean-Louis Rancurel, kindly provided by Victor Kiswell.

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